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TakeAnother5 Podcast Episode #6 - Author Donna Jodhan

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Episode #6: In This Episode (Show Notes)

Section 1: Kitchen Corner:
Time to create through cooking.

Section 2: TakeAnother5 With Technology:
Some cool apps for this week.

Section 3: The 5 Minute Mystery:
Can you guess who did it?

Section 4: In The End Zone With The Entrepreneur:
Why I might want to become one.

Section 5: Staying Ahead of Bullies and Scams:
A great way to protect yourself.

Show Notes:

00:32, your introduced to who Donna is.

00:57, Donna thanks you for sending in feedback, and wants to be sure you know that this is about what you want.

1:45, donna announces she’s going to be making a change on future podcasts to give you a bit more time to decide “who did it”.

2:37, Donna explains to you briefly what each segment’s purpose is.

4:31, Your answers to last week’s question.

6:14, TakeAnother5 Kitchen Corner

6:58, Ingredient for Cajun beef chowder

8:23, Instructions for Cajun beef chowder

11:10, ingredients for Asian lettuce wrap

14:14, Instructions for Asian lettuce wrap

17:20, TakeAnother5 with Technology.

This segment is all about sharing apps that are useful and nyfty.

All these apps can be used on your iDevise.

18:06, we are introduced to the Voice Dream app Voice Dream Reader on the App Store -

  • Spoken word is highlighted to improve comprehension and retention.

Donna shares with your her reasons for why she is fond of this application in this week’s episode.

Listen to the episode, then decide if it’s right for you. Download Voice Dream Reader

20:36 we are introduced to The Blindfold racer app

Hands on the phone, eyes off the road. Drive, speed and win!

Download blindfold racer

23:35, 5 Minute mystery moment.

Donna has been writing audio mysteries since 2010, which have been broadcast on the ACB Internet radio network as well as the accessible media Incorporated TV channel in Canada.

If you enjoy this week’s five minute mystery, please show your support by purchasing this mystery and more on donna’s store at

25:38, we are introduced to:

The Chocolate Chip Cooky

32:45 In The End Zone with the entrepreneur

Donna has been an entrepreneur since 1998, and observed the landscape of entrepreneurship change over the years. In this segment, Donna wants to give you some food for thought related to entrepreneurship. If you’re not an entrepreneur, share this podcast episode with someone who might be.

33:00, Donna thanks all of you for your feedback and ideas that your sharing with her.

33:31, let Donna teach you how to choose a good entrepreneurial venture

37:25, beat the bullies and scams

37:55, we tell you about the “you’ve been chosen” scam.

37:00, donna explains that bullying doesn’t just affect children, but it affects the adults around children as well.

Conclusion and Contact Information

If you enjoyed this weeks episode, and would like to get in contact with Donna, then you can do so with any of the following contact methods.

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Contact Author Donna Jodhan:

If you would like to ask me a question on this week's topic in our "In the End Zone with the Entrepreneur" segment, please send your email to and I would be delighted to respond.

If you would like to receive 10 free minutes of my time, please include your phone number within the email and a good time to call and I would be happy to connect with you via voice.


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