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TakeAnother5 Podcast Episode #1 - Author Donna Jodhan

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Episode #1: In This Episode (Show Notes)

Section 1: Kitchen Corner:
Time to create through cooking.

Section 2: TakeAnother5 With Technology:
Some cool apps for this week.

Section 3: The 5 Minute Mystery:
Can you guess who did it?

Section 4: In The End Zone With The Entrepreneur:
Why I might want to become one.

Section 5: Staying Ahead of Bullies and Scams:
A great way to protect yourself.

Show Notes:

This weeks TakeAnother5 debut episode starts with Donna introducing you the listeners to this amazing weekly resource.

Donna then briefly explains to you a little about herself, and the five weekly segments you’ll hear from this podcast.

2:44, kitchen corner

The first recipe shared this week is cheesy chicken noodle soup.

The ingredients list starts at time marker three minutes and 39 seconds.

Instructions for this recipe start at time marker four minutes 17 seconds.

The second recipe for this week is from the dude food category, called bacon onion and stout braised short ribs.

Ingredients for this recipe start at Thai marker, five minutes and 20 seconds.

Instructions for this recipe start at time marker 7 minutes

11:12 TakeAnother5 with technology

This weekly segment is an opportunity for Donna to share applications and technology that she thinks you’ll find useful.

The first application we discuss his 12:07 The Westminster chimes app

“In episode one of TakeAnother5, @author_Jodhan introduces you to the Westminster chimes app” Click to tweet

Donna loves how this application keeps her in tune with time.

“Learn how to stay in tune with time from at author_Jodhan”

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If you are one looking to keep track of time, you definitely should try out this free application. There are three chimes that you can choose from,

  • the quarter hour,
  • the half hour,
  • and the hour

take a look at this application today.

Download the Westminster chimes app in the iTunes App Store using this link.

14:10 The second application discussed is the free BBC radio app.

Donna ensures us of the ease of use and accessibility you can expect when exploring the BBC radio application.

iPhone users, please download it free in the App Store here.

17:00 the five minute mystery.

This is about Donna giving you some facts for you to figure out the mystery. At the end of Take another five Donna answers, “who did it.”

This weeks mystery:

the cell phone call

25:43 in the end zone with the entrepreneur

26:38, "How do you really know if you are a candidate for entrepreneurship,

Every week Donna will share with you tips for entrepreneurship.

Her vast knowledge of being an entrepreneur since 1998 allows her a chance to share with you tips in tricks you can use for building your business.

This week, Donna helps to answer the question of his entrepreneurship right for me?

26:54 maybe:

  • You’re seeking a new career
  • you wish to be your own boss
  • looking to make extra income
  • you have a desire to work closer to your home you want to have more control of your career

27:50 Think about these questions next time you’re wondering if entrepreneurship is right for you.

27:58 staying ahead of bullies and scams

29:50 today’s scam is all about the emails asking you to login and verify your online information for your financial institution.

Donna explained that your bank will never ask you for this information via email, if you don’t believe her contact your financial institution and verify the email if you have concerns about.

Once you find out that you shouldn’t have received it, delete this email immediately, and move on with your day.

30:45 each time we engage in any of the following we are promoting bullying:

  • raise our voice
  • demand something
  • Carry out a hostile gesture towards someone

We need to stop the threat of bullying.

“How do you stop the threat of bullying? Learn in at @author_jodhan first TakeAnother5 podcast episode.”

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31:20 donna asked how we can help others to engage in preventing bullying

cab, campaign against bullying Join Donna in her cab, (campaign against bullying), and listen to an audio mystery or two.

Click the link above and help support the youth of today.

Conclusion and Contact Information

If you enjoyed this weeks episode, and would like to get in contact with Donna, then you can do so with any of the following contact methods.

34:40 and you’ll learn who killed Carl

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Contact Author Donna Jodhan:

If you would like to ask me a question on this week's topic in our "In the End Zone with the Entrepreneur" segment, please send your email to and I would be delighted to respond.

If you would like to receive 10 free minutes of my time, please include your phone number within the email and a good time to call and I would be happy to connect with you via voice.


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