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CCB Mysteries Chapter in Collaboration with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind Spring Event Held May 3rd 2019 a Huge Success!

Original Release: 5/7/2019

CCB Mysteries Chapter Logo. Red stage curtains are held open by gold tassels to reveal a dark stage. In the center of the stage sits the icon of a fountain pen with a single drop of blood coming from its tip. Below this are the words CCB Mysteries Chapter. Below this is the CCB (Canadian Council of the Blind) Logo.

On May 3rd 2019, the CCB Mysteries Chapter in collaboration with the CNIB held its Spring event at the CNIB Hub.

We could only describe this as a huge success!

The turn out was better than expected and the audience was treated to Jason the Fortune Teller who read cards for those who wanted to know their future.

There were two game shows; each consisting of 3 rounds.

The first one was a question and answer show where contestants won a loonie for each question answered correctly.

The second was called twonies for your thoughts where the audience chose the best response.

And then there was the skit called secret confessions revealed.

This skit was written and produced by author Donna Jodhan.

The CCB Mysteries chapter thanks Suzanne Decary and Brian Mclean of the CNIB and all those who came out to enjoy the evening.

A special thanks to Jason Everett our resident fortune teller and to Sue Leask our resident photographer.

Barry introducing Donna at the table.

Donna Kamini and Ken at table.

Donna Kamini Lucy and her dog.

Donna sitting at table.

Ken with cards for a reading with fortune teller.

Picture of food.

Some of the audience.

The food spread.

The fortune teller and Ken.

The fortune teller.

Author Donna Jodhan Initials. DJ.

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