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CCB Mysteries Chapter Makes Its Debut at Expo 2018

Original Release: 2/19/2018

Photo of Donna Jodhan sitting at a table at the Expo 2018. On the table in front of her are fliers, cards, pamphlets, as well as a stand up sign announcing her Dinner Mystery Evenings.

Expo February 3rd 2018

On February 3, 2018 the CCB Mysteries Chapter made its debut when it took its place alongside several other exhibit tables.

Its coming out was a great success as several registrants stopped by during the day to learn more about CCB Mysteries and we managed to sell quite a few tickets to our February 23, 2018 Dinner Mystery Evening; our first event as a chapter.

We plan on promoting our CCB Mysteries Chapter at similar future events.

About The Expo February 3rd 2018 Event

This event has been a regular affair for several years now and brings together exhibiters from across Ontario. It is a part of White Cane Week and is sponsored by the Visionaries Chapter which is a part of the Canadian Council of the Blind.

Exhibiters come together to show off their products and services as they pertain to the well being of those who are blind, deaf/blind, and vision impaired. Participants range from members of the community to friends and families of participants, other interested persons, and government officials.

At this year's Expo, exhibiters included access technology vendors, Sailing Club, Trail Blazers Cycling Club, Blind Golfers, CNIB, Accessible Media Inc., Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians, Frontier Computing, plus several more.

We look forward to being a part of Expo 2019.

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