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Monthly Recognition


Author Donna Jodhan Monthly Recognition
April 2018

Original Release: 5/1/2018
Monthly Recognition - April 2018 - Author Donna Jodhan

In keeping with her commitment to consistently recognize those who have both acknowledged and assisted her in her many initiatives, Author Donna Jodhan would like to recognize the following persons for the month of April 2018. These are her All Stars!

If you would like Author Donna Jodhan to recognize you and/or your organization it's really quite easy! Just retweet her tweets @Author_Jodhan and/or like her posts on Facebook at

It's all about all of us working together to recognize each other!

Adele Tilston
Alecia Stringer
Bernie Wournell
Brian J. Perdue
Cancellation Holidays
Chantale Oakes
ChrisTel Kim
Christian Wyne
Connie Cuffaro
Diana Graves
Fany Ifan
Fern Chiu
Gemma Alejandro
Jessica Lauryn
John Anderson
Kelyn Fanovich
Lucy Misasi
Maria Saieva Kovax
Mario Mosconi
Martinez Manglardi
Mary L Schmidt
Morganna Williams
Nana Appiah GH
Nick D'Ambrosio
Qiao Meng
Raj Tribhuwan
Robert Wilson
Sionic Mobile
Tyler Silverman

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